Jay McAsh

Step into your Future

Community Event


Zen "Step into your Future" Community Event


Graphic Design/ Graphic Illustration

In 2018 Zen and Hot 97 in NY put together a community event for a school where they rebranded the whole school, had activities for the kids, and also gave all of them shoes at the end of the day.

I was commissioned with creating the overall feel of the graphics for the event and design the elements that would be laid out around the school. This included door graphics, mirror clings, basketball floor design, basketball backboard, etc as well as the marketing graphics.

The concept behind the design here was to speak to the creative and innovative nature of the future. The base of the design is built around the future and dreams and the endless potential that lies in future. Space travel, new ideas, accomplishing goals, discovery, and being a star.

Mirror Decals for students to interact with.