Jay McAsh

Design with JTA

Designer & Illustrator


I began creating art at the age of two, as soon as I could use a pencil. My mother and father both grew up in Guyana, South America and they both influenced the growth of my artistic skills. My dad has a background in science and used his knowledge in animal science to fuel my imagination. My mom also has a background in food tech and with her technical skills she helped me build my eye hand coordination. They continued to help me hone my talent until they taught me all they could. 

My family moved from Guyana to Cincinnati, Ohio to pursue a different life. At the age of 7 my father moved us to Atlanta, GA were I was heavily influenced by the culture of the city. That's also when I first saw art in a different light. I was exposed to clothing designers, tattoo artist, comic book artist, and fine artist. From that point forward I knew I could pursue anything I desired. Over my years growing up in Atlanta I ended up studying each style and added it to my own. 

Guyanese made, ATL raised is who I am. Coming from a foreign country naturally gives me a different perspective on some concepts, but growing up in Atlanta has taught me so much about southern culture.

Over the years my art has given me the privilege to work with a wide range of individuals and brands that share a special part in the upbringing of who I am. They range from helping to build local brands into international brands as well as working with corporate brands like America’s Best Dance Crew, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, & Puma as well as community events with Zen, Hot 97, and Power 109. Innovative graphic designer/ illustrator with 16 years of experience, 8 years of professional and 8+ years of freelance experience in illustration and design. Proficient in the Adobe Suite, excelling in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign, in the creation of visual designs and cohesive branding for a variety of corporations. In addition to extensive experience in a wide variety of digital art, I am also knowledgeable in all aspects of creating artwork for screen printing and print production.Passionate, creative self-starter, team player and innovator in all aspects of graphic arts with the ability to stretch the boundaries of design enabling local and global brands to stand out.

Work History

Freelance Graphic Illustrator Activities (2008 – Present)

Adidas Collective Graphic Customizer (Apparel Illustrator)

August 2015- February 2018 | Archrival | Atlanta, Georgia

Creative Director & Graphic Illustrator

September 2012- March 2015 |Sleep is 4 Suckers Clothing  Brand | Atlanta, Georgia

Head of Design Production/Office Manager

March 2011- March 2013 | Wildchild  Nation | Atlanta, Georgia

Select Clients

The Athletes Foot

Jimmy Jazz


Georgia Followers

Atlanta United



Sleep is 4 Suckers

Eric Thomas

ABDC (Americas Best Dance Crew)